Ek Je Chhilo Raja Full Movie Download, Song, Lyrics

Ek Je Chhilo Raja Full Movie Download
Ek Je Chhilo Raja Full Movie Download

Ek Je Chhilo Raja Movie Story:

Ek Je Chhilo Raja Start with Mahendra Kumar Choudhuri, the prince of the Bhawal Estate, is taken to Darjeeling for treatment by his relatives where he dies. Years later, a sanyasi shows up claiming to be the lost prince. The mysterious return of Raja Mahendra Kumar Chowdhury (Jisshu U Sengupta), the second prince of the Bikrampur estate, spurs debate, and a decades-long court case. He returns as a Naga sanyasi after 12 years to claim his kingdom. But is he the one? Or is he an impostor?, And also Not only that, but this was also a super hit movie and has grossed Rs.223 cr in the Box Office Collection. Below in this article, you can find the details of Full Movie Download and where to Watch Ek Je Chhilo Raja Full Movie Online.

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Ke Ami Kothay Song Lyrics:

Ke Ami Kothay Song Lyrics In English

Hajar otit jonmo daager moto
Phute thaka tarai tarai
Ke jeno chilam, mone toh pore na
Chayapath shorire haray.
Ke ami kothay?!
Ke ami kothay?!

Ami ki ami?
Na onnyo kew?
Eki mukh bohu thikanay.
Eshechi jemon
Mishe jabo thik
Maati, jol, agun, hawai.
Proti jonome ek notun sey din
Purono tarikh khunje pai.
Bohu pothiker eki paaye hanta
Ke amir golpo shonai.
Ke ami kothay?

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